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28th-Jul-2006 09:50 pm - Retrieving the Pheonix
Jube sighed, staring at the Dark Pheonix before her from where she lay, naked and burnt on the ground. Her head was burnt as well, though the Pheonix seemed to have a sense of humor, and had burnt away only enough hair to leave her a tall mohawk. The rest of her had dark burnt patches of skin, broken bones, and long scrapes which formed large, frightening murals on her flesh.

Ith ad taken a few days, but the mass killing and world destructions had been a pretty obvious trail.

This bitch was fast, this bitch was mean, and this bitch was crazier than Jube was.

She was perfect.

Jube sighed, looking up at the dark sky as she paused. She'd tracked the woman down, and now was in the middle of negotiating.

Negotiating, according to the Pheonix, was seeing how much pain Jube could withstand while she offerd the proposal one word at a time spoken every other hour. Jube had been at this part for a few days, and her mind was almost cleared of the message, though every time her eyes slipped shut more visions of Jay and Belle drove her to wake and survive just a bit longer.

"Hours are up, speak your word," the Pheonix giggled madly above her. "Your boss will give me what for working for him?"

"Dimensions," Jube rasped, her burnt and dry lips barley allowing the word to escape.

This, however, seemed to be the right thing to say, because instead of crowing and tormenting her further the fire being slowly drifted down.

"You speak... of dimensions?"

Jube now saw her chance, and nodded slowly, eager to stop the pain.

"He... he controls.... many," she rasped, and nodded. "Many dimensions."

"And why would that be so great?" the Pheonix leaned down above her, glowering.

"You... control all... in this galaxy.... and all other galaxies.... but even those numbers.... have a limit," Jube gasped. "You work.... for my master.... he will open... an endless supply of universes.... all for you to do with.... as you please...."

The Pheonix studied her, then shook her head, smiling.

"And what does he want in return?" she asked sweetly. Jube bit her lip.

"Whatever... he does," she shrugged, and hid the grimace. "May want... you to destroy some worlds.... may want... enemies... eliminated.... information found...."

"I would be an errand runner?" the being scowled.

"No... comparison.... in size of job.... or reward," Jube rasped. The Pheonix studied her for a while, then finally nodded, smiling.

"You are brave, little mortal," she hissed, leaning down. "I like that. Name one... only one... wish."

Jube looked up at her, and blinked. She wanted Jay.... so much. Maybe to keep him safe, maybe for them both to always be safe. But the Pheonix wasn't that merciful, not by a longshot.

"Stop... the visions... in my head.... that I get when... my eyes close," she tried. The Pheonix smiled.

"Smart to ask something small. It is done," she rumbled. "Now. We will go to the Boss. Later."

"Later?" she said, looking up at her. The woman smiled, went back into the ski, and Jube screamed as another round of fire struck at her.

Oh. Later as in after.
13th-May-2006 01:49 pm - Leaving Gambit
Jube sat on her bed, staring weakly at the napkin in her hands. It was a description for herself, one she’d dictated to somebody in a place called the Lunatic Cafe. In it she named a guy called Jay... and she could almost remember him. She could place him with that weird feeling in her heart, and she liked it.

She also described deciding to break up and run away from Remy, something she knew she’d been planning for a while....

His ring sat in her hand, heavy and foul. She was right. She needed to end this....

The fake death. It was brilliant... but it made her uneasy. She shrugged, and set the letter to Remy on the pillow, then went to the bathroom to wash her face before she left, just for the comfort of it.

“Hey petite.”

The voice startled her, and she cursed, spinning around as Gambit gave her a grin from where he suddenly sat on the bed, then turned and saw the napkin.

She cursed again, then froze, wondering what to do. She wanted to leave, but not like this... or she could forfeit the idea and try again later....

His fingers closed around it.

She pamfed it, and it blew up as Gambit gasped and jerked his hand away.

“What was dat?” he said, looking over at her with huge, startled eyes.

Jube agreed, staring at him with wide eyes. What was that? Now her plan was ruined.... She had just made the only last confrontation a much tougher one.


She had him whipped, too. She could have him, right now if she wanted, and forget the stupid plan. She could keep her place, keeping using him to get the free ride with the X Men, keeping living a more or less comfortable life.... But she’d never get man she wanted in this verse, and the reminder of Jay, and the unrest she’s had....

This seemed like her only option, now.

“Nothing,” she said.

Gambit wasn’t fooled.

“What was dat?” he asked again.

“Nothing,” she said. It was obvious he didn’t believe her. It was obvious... and she could still lie. She could still save everything, if she wanted to....

“You wanna tell me somet’in?” he said, getting up.

“Yeah,” Jube walked over to the dresser... and took her backpack out of it, still holding the ring before she turned and tossed it to him. Remy caught it easily, then stared at her, mouth open.

“What?” he said.

“I’m leaving you. I don’t love you, and I never have,” Jube said at once, then felt her shoulders sag. That was it. She could never take back those words. And she didn’t want to.

“What?” Gambit gasped, getting up.

“I’m leaving. I stayed because this is the only place I had left. Now it isn’t, and I’m not going to waste our time anymore. Yours or mine. I just blew up a letter telling you about my planned suicide, which was really just a cover up so I could get away from you with no questions asked.”

It was harsh, it was bitchy, it was the truth. And Jube didn’t give a damn.

Remy stared at her for a long while, then suddenly glared at her.

“Dere be anot’er man?” he growled. Jube thought about Jay. Then she thought about her lust for Logan, and her frequent sex with Scott, and even that night with Kurt. She thought about the other men she’d cheated on Gambit with.

She nodded and turned her back to him. There was a snarl.

“You love him?”

Jeez... maybe he was more Wolverine like than she’d thought.

“This one, yeah,” she said. It took a moment for the words to sink in.

“Den you be lyin’ t’ me de whole time, usin’ me?!” Gambit cried, hitting the bed.

“Yeah. And I never said I was yours, anyway. You made the first move and I let you,” she said, turning to him and shrugging, not even batting an eyelash at the pain and anger on his face. “I needed a safe place t’ sleep, why not let you love me and ensure my spot here? The others would have killed me if they weren’t so afraid of loosing you.”

A vein formed near his forehead as he got very red. “Dey were ‘right ‘bout you... everyone,” he seethed.

Jube rolled her eyes at him.

“You’ll live,” she said. “Goodbye.”

She turned to leave, then suddenly felt something explode in her back, sending her crashing forward into the dresser, hitting it and then tumbling to the side. She gasped with pain, then realized he’d charged the ring he’d given to her. He’d tried to kill her with it.

She struggled to her feet, feeling scorched skin and smelling her burnt jacket, and gave him and evil look.

“That... that the best you can do, loser?” she said, flipping him off as her eyes flashed.

Gambit flew at her, fists whirling as she dodged, then smashed him in the nose.

They fell off each other, both shouting, but Jube couldn’t run and drop it. She wanted out, she wanted off. She wanted to be with Jay, not Gambit.

And now he was in a rage, and suddenly she couldn’t hit him anymore. She kept feeling fists and kicks hit her, and he was screaming at her... screaming so loudly, and not one of her punches landed.

She fell to the floor, arms up for protection, but she couldn’t keep him off. Finally she kicked him where it hurt most, and then she was on top.

“You like this? You like t’ hit me?” she spat furiously, hitting at his face as hard as she could. “Good! Hit me! Feels better than you screwing me while I have to pretend to like it!”

“Remy! Jube!”

Loud voices from outside were shouting now, but she was hitting him again. His eyes were glowing now, and he finally smashed her in the jaw, then grabbed the front of her shirt. It was charged before she could blink, and the explosion sent her flying backwards, into the dresser one more time, this time thoroughly destroying it.

She fell from it limp, and everything went from black to white to silver, until suddenly Wolverine was looking down at her, growling.

“You alive?” he said.

Jube felt hot blood on her face. She felt huge splinters, some as big as billy clubs, sticking through her side, and tons of scratching and bleeding all over her body. Her front was burned, her back was burned. Her vision was swimming. But she wasn’t dead....

“Huh?” she said. The shirt... Gambit should have killed her. Logan could see the question in her eyes.

“Chuck defused as much as he could,” he growled, picking up a tiny tank top from the floor and pulling it over her, making her hiss from the intense pain. “Didn’t wanna waste the time scrapin’ you from the walls.”

“I’m so thankful.” Jube lay among the wreckage of the dresser.

Logan picked her up under one arm, and carried her out of the room. She hung limply, every tiny movement making her nauseated and almost overwhelming her with the pain. She spoke weakly. “You... you gon’ kill me?”

“No,” Logan grunted. “We don’ do that t’ our own.”

“None a’ you like me,” Jube scowled, struggling to lift her head and look at him.

“Nope,” Logan agreed. “Yer one a’ us till I get t’ the gate. Then yer on yer own, n’ I’ve got orders.”

Jube let herself go all limp. She wouldn’t make it back to the Lunatic Cafe. She wouldn’t find Jay again... she would die. Logan would take her to where she wasn’t a teammate of his, and she’d die.

Oh well.

They reached the gates, and Wolverine threw her to the ground. She almost cried out in pain, but bit it back as dirt and leaves filled her wounds. She rolled to a stop, staring at a sky, then looked over at the man she’d wanted for so long.

“Come on, I dare ya,” she rasped, determined to meet her end as cocky and confident as ever.

Logan’s claws appeared quickly, though his steps towards her were much longer.

Despite her will, she cringed and closed her eyes as his fist swung down at her.


A white hot flash on the side of her face. Everything was still, for a moment, and Jube frowned.

“Am I dead?” she said.

“That’s up t’ you,” Logan growled.

Jube opened her eyes, and saw his claws. He’d barely broken the skin of her cheek, and the claws were sunk into the earth beside her head.

He stared down at her, catching her eye for a moment, then retracted his claws and stood over her.

“I killed ya, n’ I’m leavin’ now,” he growled. “Jus’ t’ go get a beer. When I come back I’m gonna dispose of yer body completely, if it’s here or not. Got it?”

Jube stared up at him, too pained to nod.

“Yeah,” she finally grunted. Then she stopped him, and slowly pulled the napkin with her goodbye to him on it, handing it to him.

“Dear Logan, Grow up and go get laid, you idiot."

She smiled at the thought of the letter, a pained smirk. She was doing it... she was getting away. And she’d still have the last laugh... it was all she wanted.

“Have a good afterlife,” Wolverine said, taking the napkin, then turning his back and walking away.
4th-May-2006 01:53 am - Damn him damn him DAMN HIM
Jube kicked the dresser.

It wasn’t fair! She vented. I want him! I want him I want him I want him!

Why should a stupid little girl have him for a father? Why shouldn’t her own verse’s Wolverine love her? Not as a father, but as a woman?

Why? Why, why, WHY!

She snarled at the mirror, in a fit ripping away her corset top and kicking off her boots, now only in her makeup and mini-skirt.

The bedroom door opened.

“Chere?” said a slightly confused, slightly amused man’s voice. Jube stared at herself in the mirror. She wanted him. She wanted the animal.

“Take me, hard,” she commanded sourly. Two hands tentively touched her waist.

“Eh?” Gambit said. Jube turned and slapped him hard across the face.

“Take me hard,” she growled, eyes alight with lust that wasn’t for this man, who she’d just grabbed and pulled towards her. This was a lust for a real animal.

But this is all she had, and he would believe she was wanting him, he’d believe it until the day he died and one of her long-dead lovers would tell him the truth.

He grunted, eyes and body filling with a lust of his own as she squeezed him again and again until he was hard as a rock.

“Take. Me. Hard,” she said through gritted teeth. And he complied.
3rd-May-2006 10:04 pm - Hey Baby, Wanna Ride?

That's the top a' the roof, right? Yeah, that's the place where as soon as someone fall of n' dies, it's the Widow's Walk instead.

Nice place t' walk. Nice place t' make love t' my man. You can watch the sunrise, and escape down a hatch when the light gets too bright. But blood-red skies are beautiful, and usually worth the risk.

I'm bored.
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